Isabella Stefanelli started learning her craft at a very young age in the Southern Italian region of Puglia, as a tailor for her father in his tailor shop.

She studied fashion in the medieval city of Urbino, central Italy and then moved to Milan where she perfected her skills working for theatres, private tailoring customers and worked for various fashion labels including Carol Christian Poell as Head Tailor.

In 2005 Isabella moved to London working as a men and women's clothes Designer for Maharishi. a freelance Designer for Artful Dodger in NY. Later she dedicates few years mainly as a creative pattern cutter where besides other brands she also has developed tailored full canvas jacket and coats block pattern for Rick Owens and later for Boris Bidjan Saberi. Her needs to move into a smaller dimension sees her accepting commission mostly as outwear pattern cutter for new brands with a core for a niche market, in search of a calmer and slower environment as the one breathed in her young age. A father a tailor a painter the arts pushed her strongly, the needs to tell stories through the making.

Time was mature to start her own label