Isabella Stefanelli (IS)
Graphic by my brother: Sandro Stefanelli

And Thanks for passion, love, trust to:
Nobuhiko Akiyoshi Le Berger , Yusuke Shiiki, Yuki Takahashi, Biek Verstappen, Boudewijn Pompe, Kai Hamerleers, Eileen McLaughlin, Ernie Lusby, Irene Cinus, Daniel Zagni, Gabriel Zagni, Nadia Cassino, Beatrice Alemagna, and more .. more countless beautiful people, to each of them I say thank you.

A particular thanks goes always to my loved father Lillino Stefanelli to which I devote all my love and knowledge, as well as my mother Giovanna Ottombrino, the master of buttonholes and not only, parmigiana is delicious ;)

I can't really explain love, it just flows
I try.. I try to show and give some, I try to tell you a little story in each of my making.


(IS) tailoring
Graphic by: Sandro Stefanelli
Photographer : Giuseppe Tanzillo
Tailor hands : Rosanna De Donno, Giovanna Ottombrino Stefanelli
Dedicated Care : Motelsalieri, Mark J. G. Smith, Giada Paulin

And Thanks to :
David Boulogne, Marco Berardi, Oliver Gutjiahr, Raniero Pullini, Thomas Nerling, Simone, Yoji Yanagisawa, Michael, Paolo, Pesci Pneumatici, Marco Gioffreda, Elvira, Sophie I. Smith, Caroline Sipos, Camilla Mazzucato, Maria Aurora Orta Paulin, Sara Cimarosti, Beatrice Alemagna

A particular thanks to my father Lillino Stefanelli.