Isabella Stefanelli

Season XIV 
Un po’ / A Little

title season-14-isabellastefanelli

For season XIV I looked at what I love and what I have, a little, in Italian "un po’”.
A little smile,  a little taste, a scent,  a breeze is un po’, a little feeling, an hint is "a little", a little change, un po’ is beautiful, un po’ mad it's easing, it can be done un po’, un po’ is freeing, it can be given un po’, it can be accepted un po’, it can be reached, a little piece, a little step, a little dance, a little jump, a little love, un po’.

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Le Berger (Tokyo)
Nobuhiko Akiyoshi
[ by appointment only ]

We are making season XIV production. The collection was hosted in  Tokyo in September 2022

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