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Season XV 

The first annual collection including both winter and summer fabrics

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Why “Passage”: 
It was a moment of transition, mental hence physical. I moved the handwoven production all in house, and I was in fact thinking to relocate myself and the studio elsewhere and far away, finally out of my flat where I have been working long enough. Scotland looked fascinating to me. I travelled there to explore the country once more.
The Northern light, the landscape colour and rocks textures, the cold and blowing wind, the sounds of the accent, the Scottish caractere, seen bays, locks and mountains, west and east, from Ayr to Glasgow, Edinburgh, up to St. Andrew and down to the Scottish Border. I holded the experience. Each picture I took, named my fabrics by the hour and minute of that frame.

Just before Scotland I went down to South Italy, Puglia, Salento, my home land. Two opposite climates who share, I feel, the same emotional warmth. And yes I contemplated  moving to Salento. It is a prime beauty I carry within me. The rocks are all shaped differently. 
In Scotland the stones are brown muddy, round, levigated by the heavy wind and rains, in Puglia, a dry land, the limestone rocks close to the sea are white and spiky.

I never plan a collection, season XV is only a withdrawn of this passage. We change, we try, we strive.

I chose London once again, for now.

I wish to dedicate this collection in loving memory of my textile teacher and friend, Nancy Martin Stetson to whom I have recently named my handloom.

Presented in August 2023 and February 2024 in Tokyo at Le Berger showroom, we are currently producing and it has been partly delivered.

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Le Berger (Tokyo)
Nobuhiko Akiyoshi
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